New Year, New Goal

January 5th, 2009
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I went and did it again :/  In typical overcommitted underachiever style, it took someone else to point out that I was proposing to run TWO experiments at once, and how on earth could I possibly tell the results of each…

So, revised plan.  The group effect is going to wait.  I’m planning on testing how well LOA works for Selfless Goals first.  I already have a guinea pig, so to speak.  My sister’s kids and their education.  She always worries about getting the money together, I always tell her not to, and that it’ll show up on time.  She worries anyway, all the way up til when it arrives in the nick of time.  She jokingly told me that she’d really love it if once, it arrived well in advance.  My experiment was born!

The target for this is $11,879.  Australian dollars, although I really don’t think she’d complain if it turned up in US currency!  I’m hoping to manifest it within 30 days, or at least the idea that results in it.  The protocol is, starting tomorrow:

  • First thing Manifestation Routine from the Humungous Manifestation Course I used last year
  • Morning visualisation exercise (as I’m exercising)
  • $5k per day video for 20m at least 5 days a week
  • Meditation (also from the Manifestation course) at least 5 days a week – this fits well on the train to work
  • Weekly ‘power raising’ routine (from Outrageous Masters)
  • Inspired actions as they occur to me (I’ll share those that wouldn’t be influenced by sharing)
  • Weekly review of results – checking in with her as well as me

Disclaimer: Some of those links ARE affiliate links.  Any commissions earnt from them during the 30 days will count towards the total.

This will be starting tomorrow morning.  Wish me luck/opportunity/the force to be with me?

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