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December 4th, 2008
good luck!
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It looks as though the 30 day early rising trial I’m doing over at Crystals Quest is starting to merge with the LOA lessons I’ve learnt in my 30 day trials here.  Not only am I finding that my health is making leaps for the better (since I accidentally gave up coffee) but I discovered a post on a forum I like, offering a 30 day group manifestation trial.  It had already been going for about 10 days, but I still jumped in and asked to join.  The group intention – which did give me butterflies until I worked on getting rid of them – was to manifest $20,000 for each person in the group.  Some already have.  For many, that was a small amount (hence I decided this was a group I wanted to spend more time around, to change my own attitudes in that direction).

Well, the day after I signed up I won a competition online, having my name drawn for a prize.  Not sure the value of that.  I don’t know if it counts, but in the week before I found this post (while it was already going) I had won a $200 gift voucher elsewhere, as well as discovered some unclaimed money that boosted the tally further.

Now it’s seeming like luck is definitely something that ties in nicely with manifestation.

Would you like to see this as another 30 day trial, testing out methods for making yourself luckier?  Either email me back or use the comments option here to let me know, and I’ll decide January’s topic based on your response…

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