Bizarre influx of Job Offers

November 2nd, 2008

I wrote a post over at CrystalsQuest a week or so ago, about a choice I was facing to either pursue a higher paid job opportunity (the goal being to pay off my mortgage and free myself from having to work) or stay where I was and keep working on my long term strategy of passive income.  In the end, I decided that it would be better to stay in my current job – I thought the other position offered something more like the illusion of progress, and I’d end up losing my time in exchange for the higher money.  Not something I want to head towards at all.  In the process, though, I clarified that it wasn’t just money I was after.  In fact, that having the choice of how I made my money was more important to me than simply earning more.

I felt good about that decision.  It felt like a step forward, towards clarity.

The funny thing is, though, that having done that, I’ve spent the last week having jobs just about thrown at me from all directions!  I browse the web and the sites I surf suddenly have ads for jobs in my local area.  I call up about a technical issue at work, and in the process of working with them to resolve it end up getting an offer to shift across there.  Even helping a colleague out with a different software issue, and then feeding back to their specialist area I got another.  Now I don’t want them, they’re coming thick and fast!

I suspect that this means I’m making some progress, and that having clarified my issues around work and what I eventually want to achieve, maybe all the tests that were queued up for me are just being moved out of the way.  It’s very funny, though.  After spending so much of my life as a jobseeker, NOW I discover the secret to getting job offers galore is to decide you don’t want them and start knocking them back!

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