30 Day LOA Daily Routine

April 1st, 2009

Now that I’m getting up early to do the exercise and subliminal video part of this routine, I’m finding I don’t have time to post as well.

So, here’s the quick version of the initial daily routine, and I’ll be following up with a more detailed post in 2 days time, when we hit the weekend down here in Oz.

  • Morning Manifesting Routine from “Super Manifestor” program
  • Exercise Body (20 minutes) while watching “5k per day” and “Million Dollar Thoughts” videos
  • Meditation: Quieting the mind, Open Heart, Relax into Being (20 minutes)
  • Go on a Power Scripting Walk during the day (or morning) (15 minutes everyday)
  • Listen to Gamma meditation daily
  • Listen to Success Programming mp3 daily
  • Update Motivator & Subliminal Power programs with new goals for this trial
  • Work at home PC for at least 1hr/day for Motivator and Subliminal Power program to work
  • Watch Mind Movie daily
  • Take action on the ideas that occur to me!

So far, I’ve really enjoyed getting back into the exercise, and have gone from 10m yesterday up to 12m today.  Tomorrow will be a rest day on the exercise, then the days after will be 12m and 14m respectively.  I plan on making changes I can stick with.

The hard part is getting up when the alarm goes off – it’s really really dark in the morning now.  Hopefully daylight savings this weekend will make it a BIT easier 🙂

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