Alpha Reflections and an aha moment

July 17th, 2008

The old saying about when the student is ready came true for me today. I’m subscribed to the blog over at Steve Pavlina, and having finally broken through my procrastination barrier and started on the toughest exercise yet on my LoA course, I got a post today linking back to an old article from 2006, which absolutely applies to where I’m at and the next step I’ve not known how to take…

Ever heard of “alpha reflections”? I’ve experienced them, but never had the name for them, or the process explained to me before. Even better, in his post not only does he tell you what they are, but the next few steps are also explained in clear language, which told me exactly why my more ambitious manifestations are feeling ‘stalled’ or unfilled.

You know when you have a want/desire that you put out there for the universe to deliver, there’s usually some kind of funny coincidence happens not long after that doesn’t quite match what you were asking for, but seems to be related – I always believed it was a signal that I was heading in the right direction, and would wait expectantly for the manifestation to happen from there. Steve does too, but according to his blog there’s another step in there. Actually, two. There’s the lull (which is what I used to think was the test period to check if you really wanted what you asked for, again, never gave it a name) and then there’s what he calls the beta reflection, where the ideas etc start coming. Ting! The lightbulb just went on. I’ve been taking the beta reflection for the manifestation, believing that was the extent of my skill, and dismissing my intention early!

So how does this affect my posts here at 30 day LOA? Well, for starters I intend to use his terminology for alpha and beta reflections in my progress updates from here on in, but secondly I now have 3 new measures to check how my skill levels are progressing. I can watch how long it takes for the alpha to appear, then the length of the lull until the beta reflection, and finally how long it is between that and the point where I mark my manifestation off as done. The aim, of course, will be twofold: firstly I’ll want to have as short a period as possible between each stage, and secondly I can build up my skills in holding focus by seeing how long I can maintain my focus for – increasing the size of my manifestations as I increase the length of time I can sustain them.

Oh, and the post which linked back to this whole explanation is well worth reading too – about allowing ourselves to receive income from doing what we love, instead of forcing ourselves to only earn it doing things we hate to do. Spot on again, Steve!!! (anyone want a $1 coaching session on personal empowerment and LOA?)

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